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My Name is Casey : )
I am a Disabled Veteran, Surfer, Night Club Aficionado and Professional Asshole!
You will always know where you stand with me : )
The world has changed so much in such a short time!
I went from hosting Night Clubs in Santa Barbara to hosting a virtual club.
I don't have to hand you a drink to be your Bartender. Most people go to a club to hang with other cool people and the first person they meet is the me : )
Casey Gates Never Hates Only Celebrates!
Love and Respect
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Live chatted 06/18/2021
Something special happened last night

Hey this stays here for now okay?
Let me do editing before stuff gets shared ; )
Thanks and Respect

Not only did I save a vet but I saved a DJ!
"Bad Bob is Back"! BABY!!!
@TomsCigars @JoeMobley @Steve_Olch @PunkyP @Mikimoo @DrDrewsCrew @DrDrew @DaveRubin @JoeRogan @DonaldTrump

1st shot unedited
Watch what I do with this shit!

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